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Demo access - You can access the admin panel with user => / password => decidim123456789

Start adding projects. Assign at least €49,886,844 to the projects you want and vote according to your preferences to define the budget.

€0 Assigned €49,886,844 Minimum €71,266,920 Budget
Assigned €0 Minimum €49,886,844 €71,266,920 Budget


Sit iste rerum. Sunt iste dignissimos. Ea explicabo enim. Eveniet ea provident.

Maximum budget exceeded

This project exceeds the maximum budget and cannot be added. If you want, you can delete a project you have already selected, in order to be able to vote again according to your preferences.

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Assumenda laudantium.

These are the projects you have chosen to be part of the budget.

The following element is a map which presents the items on this page as map points. The element can be used with a screen reader but it may be hard to understand.

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